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List of Doctoral Students of Prof. Stefan Samko

Name and date Title of Theses Present position
1. Boris S. Rubin 1973, October On potential type operators in weighted spaces Louisiana State University, USA
2. Salaudin M. Umarkhadzhiev, 1982, April 9 Investigation of multidimensional operators of potential type with continuous and discontinuous characteristics Chechen University, Groznyi, Russia
3. Alexandre V. Skorikov, 1982, May 14 Bipotential type operators in spaces with mixed norms Moscow, Russia
4. Vladimir A. Nogin 1982, December 17 Hypersingular integrals and their applications Rostov State University, Russia
5. Alexandre S. Guinzbourg , 1983, December 23 Characterization of traces of functions in weighted classes of Sobolev type ? , Canada
6. Hamzat M. Murdaev, 1986, November 28 Operators of fractional integrodifferentiation in weighted generalized Holder spaces with characteristics in a two-parameter class of Bari-Stechkin type Passed away
7. Boris G.Vakulov 1986, December 26 Spherical operators of potential type in generalized Holder spaces on a sphere Rostov State University, Russia
8. Anatolii F. Chuvenkov, 1987, May 13 Sobolev-Orlicz spaces of fractional smoothness Rostov Nutrition Institute Russia
9. Pavel M. Pavlov, 1987, November 11 Spherical hypersingular integrals and their applications ?, Russia
10. Galina S. Kostetskaya, 1989, June 13 Potential type operators and hypersingular integrals with difference characteristics Rostov State University, Russia
11. Galina P. Emgusheva, 1989, June 13 Anysotropic spaces of the type La p,r and hypersingular integrals with a non-standard truncation Kalmytsky University. Elista, Russia
12. Taus A. Khamidova, 1991, November 5 Anysotropic potentials and hypersingular integrals and the spaces generated by them Chechen University, Groznyi, Russia
13. Mahmadiar U. Yakhshiboev , 1992 Studies in the theory of non-standard forms of one-dimensional and multi-dimensional fractional integrodifferentiation Samarkand University, Uzbekistan
14. Esmira D. Alisultanova, 1994, January 18 Generalized hypersingular integrals and inversion of generalized Riesz potentials Chechen University, Groznyi, Russia
15. Anna V.Abramyan, 1995, January 17 Fractional powers of differential operators commuting with shifts or dilatations in spaces of integrable functions Rostov State University, Russia
16. Zarema U. Mussalaeva, 1995, February Some integral operators in weighted Holder type spaces with non power characteristics and weights Pedagogical Institute of Karachaevo-Cherkesia, Russia
17. Alexei N. Karapetyants, 1997. February 25 Application of approximative methods to the characterization of spaces of smooth functions and inversion of integral operators in a non-elliptic case Rostov State University, Russia
18. Elena E. Urnysheva, 1998, June 9 Potential type operators and hypersingular integrals in spaces with mixed norm Rostov Nutrition Institute Russia
19. Alexandre Almeida, 2005, December 9 Function spaces with generalized smoothness and variable integrability Universidade do Aveiro, Portugal
20. Rogerio Cardoso, 2006, Sept 26 Sonine integral equations
21.Humberto Gil Silva RafeiroFebruary 23, 2010 Hypersingular integrals and potential type operators in variable Lebesgue spaces Post doc, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon